Playground – Now THIS is an Exciting Musical Instrument! (New iPad App)

PlayGround ScreenPlayground is a new app that actually is still in beta. You really must go watch the YouTube video’s (Yes, there are four, watch them all!)

This is the type of app that I’ve been talking about. An app that totally changes how we create. An app that uses touch technology to re-invent music creation, exploration and playgrounds! This does not try to emulate real life. It does not try to emulate a real wind instrument or even a keyboard. It is new, it is exciting and it opens new doors! IT opens new doors to ALL levels of musicians, beginners, amateurs, professionals and even those who just want to play around in a musical playground!

You can sign up to beta test the app if you so wish, if you are into that sort of thing. Here is the website –

Just beware that beta testing means you are playing with an app that is NOT finished and will probably have problems – now, the problems usually are not the kind where your iPad is going to all of a sudden go up in a ball of flames BUT it is not a finished app. Developers don’t release betas though unless their app is pretty solid.


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