Music Making Apps Sale this Weekend!

If you have NOT heard, the AudioBus developers have released a new app (AudioBus Remote) that works in conjunction with their first app (AudioBus) In celebration they have put AudioBus on sale for $0.99! This is THE app you should all own if you are a musician! IF you don’t this is THE sale to grab it on! This app allows us musicians to get multiple apps working together to create music on our iOS devices! One of my essential apps for musicians! Their new app, AudioBus Remote is going to be a wonderful app for those of us that are lucky enough to have more than one iOS device to use in our music making explorations.

AudioBusAudioBus – $0.99 (Down from $4.99)

AudioBus RemoteAudioBus Remote – $4.99 (Not on sale)

Another great music app is Tin Pan Rhythm. This app falls into the category of music exploration and apps that sound amazing! It allows you to explore chord progressions and patterns on the fly – all the while giving you the ability to change the bands patterns that are being played! If you ever work with your students on chord progressions in class this app is one to grab even at it’s normal price of $2.99 BUT now that it is $0.99 it’s a no-brainer!

Tin Pan RhythmTin Pan Rhythm – $0.99 (down from $2.99)

Cotracks Small iconCotracks ($2.99) is one of those apps that Music teachers with a limited number of iPads in their rooms should take a serious look at as it allows for four players (kids) to create music together on one iPad. This is one of those seriously fun apps to play with!

Another added benefit from the release of AudioBus Remote is that there are a ton of other music apps on sale currently to celebrate the new app. This would be an awesome time to grab a couple of these as they really are quite discounted! Plus these developers have already built in support for the new AudioBus Remote app. Support these developers as they are also passionate about music creation and giving us teachers/performers/amateurs/wanna-bees better and better tools to enjoy as we let our imaginations go wild with musical genius pouring out…..

SectorSector – $4.99 (Wild music creation from manipulations of samples)

SoundPrism ElectroSoundPrism Electro – $1.99 (Great Music making app that even my elementary school kids loved!)

SoundPrism ElectroSoundPrism Electro Mini $0.99 (Ditto)

Echo Pad - HoldernessEcho Pad – Multi Effects Processor – $2.99

Crystalline - HoldernessCrystalline – Shimmer Reverb Effects – $2.99

Crystalline - HoldernessCrystaline Mini $1.99

Caramel - Holderness MediaCaramel – Crunch and Crush Effects – $2.99

Caramel - Holderness MediaCaramel Mini – $1.99

Johnny TremoloJohnny – Multiwave Tremolo Effects Processor – $2.99

Johnny TremoloJohnny Mini – $1.99

Swoopster Holderness MediaSwoopster Fuzz Flanger Effects Processor- $2.99

Swoopster Holderness MediaSwoopster Mini – $1.99

Stereo Designer Mini - Holderness MediaStereo Designer from Holderness – $2.99

Stereo Designer Mini - Holderness MediaStereo Designer Mini – $1.99


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