BlueTooth MIDI Is Big and It’s Coming! (Actually it’s already here)

Kickstarter and IndieGogo campaigns are an interesting concept. I very much like the ideas that I see come across though. I also appreciate the ability to go to the masses for funding instead of traditional methods.

The latest two to catch my interest have to deal with BlueTooth MIDI – I can not WAIT to cut out all wires in my life! Of course I don’t think this will actually happen in my lifespan but we are getting closer all the time! MIDI is one of the necessities of musicians dealing with computers, controllers and keyboards. It also means wires and plugs. Try hooking up controllers to your iPad for instance… it can get messy REAL fast. Try hooking up those keyboards you have had around for a few years to your iPad and the adaptors, interfaces and wires get worse!

The good news is that Apple pushed bluetooth 4 out a little while ago and it is fast enough to handle MIDI! An additional benefit is the power consumption – very little power is needed to support BT4!

Here are the two products that are exciting me….

XKey AirXkey Air – is a small keyboard controller that works without wires! It has already been funded 5x’s over the original amount desired so this product is a go! There are two versions of the Xkey: The Xkey Air 25 that will retail for $199 and the Xkey Air 37 that will retail for $299

Pucpuc plus: Universal Bluetooth MIDI Interface – This device looks exactly like the name implies – a hockey puc but it’s serves as a Bluetooth MIDI interface for all your 5 pin MIDI devices and devices with USB MIDI! That means you now need even less wires!

One of the very nifty bonuses of Bluetooth MIDI is that the connection is FAST! The connection will allow for use during performances without worry!

Another nifty bonus is that you can have multiple devices connected through BlueTooth MIDI! Imagine an entire MIDI lab all running XKey Air’s!

Get in now to receive the lower pricing!


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