Summertime Giveaway of S-Cubed Middle School Sight Singing Program for Beginners!

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 11.24.01 AMDale Duncan over at his blog “In The Middle With Mr. D” is running a Giveway of his S-Cubed Sight Singing Program for Beginners! It was at the Tech In Music Ed blog that I first found out about this program. Because of the fact that Chris heard of S-Cubed through another teacher in different Minnesota school district he decided give the program a run in his own teaching – read more about that and S-Cubed.

Dale developed his material from taking his own teaching experiences along with information and experiences he observed in other classrooms. Nw he wants to share what has been successful in his classroom, and looks like is working for many others too! He has more information at his website, Facebook and YouTube sites.

My own blog is about sharing my experiences, success’s and failures with others so I appreciate way Dale has developed, shared and sold his S-Cubed SightReading program. I appreciate the fact that Chris learned of the program through others and the reason he decided to give the program a whirl was because the other teachers success.

We gotta share people – share! Tell others! Tell others what works and doesn’t work for you in your particular situation!

Anyways – go enter the Giveaway!

(Look for this thingy at the bottom of the post – when I entered there was 36 hours left, now there is only like 34! The winner will be announced on July 15, 2015 so HURRRY!)

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 11.25.28 AM


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