Apple Music and Apples Policy for Renewal Rock

IMG_2849I’ve got to say that there are so many things that Apple does as a company that really make them stand out amongst the rest of the crowd. Here is one of those shining moments…

After signing up for the trial Apple Music membership I received an email that outlined the fact that this was an auto-renewing membership (which I knew). Id I didn’t want to get charged then I would have to cancel my membership (which I knew)

Any other company would have left it at that.

Apple on the other hand did not leave it at that – they choose to take the high road and SHOW me where I could TURN OFF the auto-renew option in my iTunes Account! They did this by giving me a link that by tapping on launched the exact setting that allowed me to turn off the auto-renew “feature” right now!

Thanks Apple – We appreciate you being right up front and direct with us, your customer. Loyal because of experiences like this over and over through the years!

Apple Music Auto Renew


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