Apple Music

IMG_2849Did you know that Apple Music was released?

News about it is all over the web so you can get more details by a simple Google search but here are a couple of thoughts… (The simple version)

Cost is $9.99 per month or $14.99 for your family, if you actually have the Family feature turned on. That adds up to $119.88 or $179.88 every year.

Benefit is that you get to listen to any of the music that Apple has in its massively, large, humongous,  library. You can even download any of that music to your device for offline listening- which is one of the reasons people have paid money to other streaming services like Spotify. You also get to listen to that music in any order you want all ad free, which is another reason why people have paid for Spotify or Pandora.

Drawback is that once you stop paying that $ you are not allowed to play that music any more. If I just simply went out and bought the actual CD for the music that I really wanted to listen to then I think I am going to be further ahead down the road.

Now let’s talk about the Connect feature in Apple Music – Apple Music Connect is hopefully a spot where artists can share pictures, comments, videos, and other ways to communicate with their fans. Kind of like taking Twitter, Facebook, Instagram along with probably a few other social media sites and rolling it all into one neat little space called Connect. This feature could be killer IF and only IF Artists actually use it.

My major complaint about Connect so far is that I got signed up to follow a whole bunch of Artist I really don’t ever want to see anything from! When I first started using the service this morning it was harder then ever to figure out how to get rid of those people too! This afternoon Apple has given me a way to fix that finally BUT I should not have to go through this long list to tap on the UnFollow buttons .


My big wish currently for Apple Music or Connect is that I could read about each and every Artist in the catalog. Basically like a Wikipedia but without having to go to a different spot to find the info. This of course is going to take a little while to get input into Apple’s catalog of music, it is a big collection!

The good news is that there is currently a three month free trial of Apple Music. Just make sure to go into your Apple Music account and turn of the automatic renewal so you don’t forget in three months!

oh and by the way – No Apple isn’t filling YOUR library with versions of you your tunes that are DRM. Just saying though that it is always a good idea to have a back up of you library and not only have it stored as an iTunes Matched Cloud library!


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