LoopTree – New loop recorder app that is pretty sweet!

LoopTree IconI’m not sure why I think looping is so interesting – maybe because it is exactly the type of process I would love to see my students use when we do our compositions in band class? Anyways, there is now a new looping app to throw in the mix –

LoopTree – $6.99 (Introductory price until July 20)


Here is the introduction from the App Store – “LoopTree is an exciting new breed of looper that brings more fun than ever to creating live music! Record and group practically unlimited vocal and instrumental loops using a powerful, layered interface that gives you unrivalled control over the music you create.”

Part of what I am really liking from this app is the layout and design – take a look at how beautiful this is:


You can see the 7 slots for loops to liven the left up above. Being able to see the waveforms like that is very nifty and makes it easy to see what all is going on. In each of the loop slots you see little grey circles – those are to set volume and pan for that particular loop – drag it up-down for volume and left-right for pan. The three little blue bars on the blue loop is one other feature this app has up it’s sleeve! It’s called layered looping – take a look at this screen shot:

LoopTree Screen Layers

This is what you get when you go inside of that layer. Now you can see that there are 3 loops that are all a part of this overall loop, all layered together and each with it’s own volume/pan control that is set separate from the main loop volume/pan settings. This layered looping is all nondestructive which means that as you keep building up the layered loop the previous recordings are all still there and untouched.

Watching the two videos the guys have done makes it obvious that this app is easy to use, even when diving in and applying FX like Beat Repeat or the Filter (these are what you see on the right hand side of the screen shots above.)

I am looking forward to getting my hand on this app – actually I am looking forward even more so to getting this into the hands of my students and my own kids. I want to see what they come up with!

I also am not quite sure how the MIDI control/features work so I am hoping they put a video together for that! But I do know that with support for MIDI, Inter App Audio, AudioBus and Audio copy/paste your options are going to be pretty massive! LoopTree of course works with the built-in microphone or the microphone built into your headphones but you will get better quality through the use of an audio interface with better mics/instruments hooked up. That means you can record your guitar/keyboards through a direct connection and not have to rely on a mic’d sound source!

Here is a YouTube Video they have so you can see the app in action:




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