iTunes Match and Apple Music Updates

I have been an iTunes Match user for the past couple of years. If you are not sure what that means here is the quick version – Apple takes my entire music library (up to 25,000 songs) and makes it available in the cloud on every single one of my devices from wherever I have internet access at. There are some restrictions but most of my songs uploaded just fine. PLUS another benefit is that any of the tracks in my library that were ripped from let’s say a cassette tape and were not good quality – well if those songs were in Apples library they would be recognized and replaced with a higher quality version. As an additional bonus – If I ever stop being an iTunes Match customer I still get to keep the better version of those tracks as long as I have actually downloaded and backed them up on one of my drives here.

So that’s the quick back story –

Here’s my warnings to you as of today – Apple is making changes to iTunes Match and we are not sure what all those changes will all be yet. I will show you one change that may affect my wife and I –

Here is iOS8.3


Here is iOS8.4


What does this mean? Well before (in 8.3) I could go onto her iPad and enable iTunes Match for her. Now, she will have to be a enrolled as a member of my “Family” and it is now called iTunes Match (in the Settings app under the Music section at least)

Just beware, that is all.


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