Korvpressor – Smart Dynamic Hotdog Device -this is for all Music Teachers and Other Musicians!

Yes, you read that correctly. Let’s talk about squeezing out some Audio Wursts!

Korvpressor LogoKorvpressor $4.99 –  sale price until the 30th of June because the company is celebrating it’s one year birthday!

Korvpressor is an app from Klevgränd Produktion AB. It is their wonderful take on how a compressor app should work on an iPad. It is simply and beautifully well done. The app works in such a way that it will be super easy for you to understand what is going on. Of course you might want to know WHY you should grab Korvpressor – well, if you are a music teacher then you are probably recording your musical ensembles. After recording you should do a bit of tweaking of those recordings before passing them on to your parents, students and other audience members to evaluate and enjoy. One of the things you need to do is to use a compressor to get the most out of that recording. When I say compressor you may think why would you want to “turn down” the sound? Well, in actuality you can, through the use of a compressor, turn the end volume UP! This happens to me all the time – I will do a recording, take it to my stereo at the house or in the car and my first thought is, “Why in the world am I having to turn my volume WAY up?” A compressor helps – and the way in which this app is put together you get to see a very nifty representation of that process. Take a look….

Korvpressor Screen

Simple – You take the recording (the input), squeeze it down and then you end up with a louder output. Simple right!? lol – no it’s not and don’t be fooled – there was a whole crew of genius minds from KHT Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm behind this project.

Let me end this with a video – Then if you don’t “get it” you will be able to hear why you should use this app….



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