iProphet – Using iPad and Apps for Music Performance Classes

iProphet ScreenUsing iPads to perform with is almost a given in my mind these days until I go to a music festival for three days and see no one using an iPad the entire time! That just blows me away! I guess I’ve immersed myself into a world where I am collaborating and discussing the use of this technology in performance on a daily basis with people from around the world.

If you have not considered using an iPad as a part of your performances/musical creation then you MUST embrace the exciting opportunities available to you and your students! There are so many opportunities available to you!

Here are just three reasons:

  • Apps like the iProphet SmalliProphet, Korg iM1 LargeKorg iM1 and Animoog Small IconAnimoog apps now gives students in 2015 the chance to play with synthesis that they would never have been able to dream of touching a few years ago because of access and cost.A Prophet 5 synth was almost $5000 and the app is $10. You do the math. I never imagined I would be able to actually lay hands on one of these vintage synths that have shaped the music surrounding us, let alone be able to sit and explore and create my own music with one of those great synths! Now we can. Now our students can!
  • Apps like Animoog Small IconAnimoog, TC-11 TC-11, ThumbJam Small IconThumbJam, Geo SynthesizerGeoSynthesizer and SamplrSamplr give us access to interfaces that allow us to create music in ways never before possible. The touch interface of iPad open new doors – gone are the days of being stuck with black and white keys, guitar strings and acoustic instruments with only so many keys on them with a limited range of sounds.
  • Apps open doors to some of our physically challenged students to get more involved into a group of other students that will help our school and classroom communities become a more tightly bonded group of people. This opens more doors to teaching our students to love and care for each other, to help each other, and to watch over their peers who may never have had a chance to get involved in performing groups like your marching band in the past.

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