Korg App Sales, Newsboys, Performing Arts Groups and WIST (ACT NOW)

Kong released their iM1 app this month and because of that they have had their Korg apps on sale all month. Hopefully you have been saving your pennies like my Grandpa taught me to do and you now have enough to snag one or two of these amazing music making apps at this great price.

One side note as I just returned from two days up at a Christian Music Festival. It is always refreshing to go watch musicians live along with about 15,000 other people. The energy of the audiences singing along, the sound of the thumping bass and rocking guitars coupled with the lights and video shows these days blow me away every time! If you have not seen the Newsboys live lately you really MUST! Their show was over the top! Which brings me to my point…. what are we as music educators doing with our performing arts groups to make sure our audience walks away with the same reaction?

Using technology to enhance your performance is a given these days. Trying to get that technology to work flawlessly is getting easier and easier! For instance…..

WIST – WIST (Wireless Sync-Start Technology) is Korg’s innovative technology which allows for wireless sync-start between two WIST-compatible apps on two iPads and/or iPhones located near each other. You can now sync with your friend’s device to create a dynamic live performance using two compatible apps. These apps have so many sweet little tricks up their sleeves but some of those tricks means that iPad/Apps/Keyboards/Drum need to sync’d to the same tempo and start/stop. WIST is just one way to make that happen and these apps will take full advantage of that tech! Another bonus here is that WIST will work through bluetooth which means you are not relying on a Wi-Fi network. What about getting a group of kids together with their iPads all running WIST enabled apps and performing a song or two for the fall concert!?

Here is the list –


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