MiMix – Mixer for Audiobus – Taking Control of Your Music Creation on iPad!

MiMix LargeTHE SCENE: You are on your iPad and you are making music with multiple apps all running together with AudioBus.

THE PROBLEM: How do you control all those apps and mix them into a sensible mix?

THE SOLUTION: This is where MiMix SmallMiMix comes into play! 🙂

MiMix lets you take control of up to 8 of your AudioBus enabled apps at a time. You control the following –

  • the volume (obviously insinuated by the name of the app right?)
  • the panning (through either panning control or balance control – yes there is a difference: If you use panning set to the left then the right channels information gets sent out through the left vs is you use balance control which adjusts each of the left and right channels output so the channels never cross)
  • solo
  • mute


One of the coolest parts of the app is that you can control all the settings through the MIDI learn feature and the use of an external MIDI controller or EVEN BETTER through the use of a MIDI sequencing app like Cubasis! Check out the controls in this picture that have red around the control – for those of you that have never used the MIDI learn feature – this is what the screen looks like as you choose what you want to control and then you move a knob or slider on your external controller.



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