Drill book Next Apps On Sale – Marching Band Directors/Students Buy It NOW!

Drillbook Next Logo LargeIf you are a marching band director or student then you know the pain and anguish we all go through each and every marching season – Those printed page after page of drill charts – or maybe your band uses those little tiny coordinate sheets. Either way ya gotta deal with them. How do you? Over the years I have finally decided that the best way my bands and I worked was to print drill chart books for instructors and several to scatter throughout the sections. Everyone else gets coordinate sheets. Those little sheets were a life changer!

Last season I picked up DrillBook Next and found the next revolution! This app is just simply amazing! I’d always wanted to bring my laptop with Pyware all loaded up, out onto the football field. I pretty figured that would be a disaster so I never did. Now, this is actually BETTER!

I have in my hands every kids charts, coordinate and I can animate the entire drill! It’s insane! This next marching season we are going to have 3-4 iPads on the field so every section can animate and see what the drill is supposed to do! I can not WAIT! (Well OK, that’s kind of a lie – I really CAN wait because honestly, I just got out of school and I haven’t even written the drill yet!)

Which brings me to what this is NOT going to do…. I just do not see this as ever replacing Pyware on my computer. Instead what happens is I print the coordinate sheets from Pyware and THOS get imported into DrillBook Next. It’s very fast, easy and super simple.

Updating the show as the season goes along makes things even easier with pushing out updates to my instructors. I push the update and their iPad downloads it. Boom – updated show! :)’ing instructors and more efficient teaching!

Currently there are several flavors of the app – all of which are 50% off currently. For how long I don’t know – seriously, go download this if you are a Marching Band Director using Pyware (I know Pyware has their own app out but since I haven’t upgraded to v8 yet I can not use that app. Pyware is amazing software but the yearly update costs are crazy high and I don’t “Need” the update. The new features do look absolutely astonishing though! But when you teach at a small school with a small budget and the kids are playing on 30+ year old instruments, it becomes difficult to justify the upgrade price every year!

Drillbook Next for Directors on iOS which is universal for iPad and iPhone – $4.99
Drillbook Next Reader HD on iOS which is for students using an iPad -$2.99
Drillbook Next Reader on iOS which is for students using an iPhone/iPod Touch – $2.99

It appears as though on Android the Reader App is available for $2.99 as well.

DrillBook Next Screens


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