Got Things 2Do? 2Do apps are free this week!

2doLogoIt would be very bad of me not to mention Apple’s Free App of the Week 2Do

iPad and iPhone Version FREE (Usually $14.99)

As music educators, husbands, wives and just people we constantly have stuff to do, things to get, and lists to keep track of. That is why you HAVE to have an excellent To Do app. Since 2Do is free for the iPad, iPhone AND even the Apple Watch – this is a great time to grab it up and try it out. These apps are not usually on the cheap end of prices as far as apps go.

2DoAppIcon.200x200-75They even have a Mac version of the App that is currently half off! Of course at 1/2 off it is still $25. There is a Demo you can download from their website to get a good chance to try the app out before you plunk down your hard earned money.

The price is one of the reasons I never got into this app in the first place – they wanted a pretty high price for iOS and then $50 for the Mac version! Yikes! I don’t like To Do apps THAT much. But with the price of free and 1/2 off it is more appealing.

With all versions of the app you could REALLY tie in all of your devices and stay sync’d everywhere! I should mention right now that this app WILL sync to Apple’s Reminders app – this is vital for me. In fact, if a To Do app doesn’t have this ability the developers should just go get another job right now! Being able to use SIRI to create reminders is something I do many times every day! In 2Do you will have to dig into the sync settings and select the CalDav option, type in your Apple ID and password and you will be all set. It does take a couple of moments before it actually syncs so don’t freak out if you don’t see all your Reminder’s there right away – patience my friend!


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