Tin Pan Rhythm app released – What a great way to help teach theory, arranging and composing!

pr_sourceTin Pan Rhythm app is an amazing way in which we as music educators can help teach our students about music theory, composition, arrangement and just plain old fashioned musical explorations!

Tin Pan Rhythm is a new app that has just been released this past week or so. I have been playing with it and love the new ideas and techniques this brings to the table! It is a great app for those music educators who only have one iPad in the classroom and it is an amazing app for those who have multiple iPads in the room.

The main premise of the app is that you are given the opportunity to compose and arrange short musical phrases through the process of exploration. The “short” part of this is the only complaint I have about the app as it stands currently! I wish I could do longer arrangements! it is currently set up for 4 or 8 measures


Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 6.51.06 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 6.51.15 PM

As you can see in the two screen shots above you drag chords from the triangle on the bottom up into the arrangement bar at the top. Then you play around with the volumes of each of the parts as well as which pattern you would like them to play. You do slide each measure up or down in the pattern view to get a higher or lower version of what is playing. You can slide the patterns left or right to change the pattern. If you tap the two rectangles at the far right of the patterns for each player in the band it they will slide apart – this allows you to change the pattern for each individual measure allowing for greater flexibility.

The sound is fantastic. The variety is wonderful.

In the class room at the end of the school year this is going to be a great way to demonstrate for the students what changing chord progressions is all about and what different chords sound like. Using Tin Pan Rhythm is a great way to get a rhythm band going to allow the students a chance to do some improving over top of it. Students think they sound pretty great with an accompaniment like this! Give the control of the arrangement over to the students and it becomes “their” song! Capture a video of their performance as proof of their comprehension for principals, parents and their friends to enjoy!

The app is $2.99 – the layout and the way in which this app works is a nice breath of fresh air. There are other apps that do this same sort of creation of background accompaniment but Tin Pan Rhythm gives some pretty sweet flexibility! The quality of sound is performance ready and does not sound like some chincy MIDI instrument.


2 thoughts on “Tin Pan Rhythm app released – What a great way to help teach theory, arranging and composing!

  1. Thanks for reviewing the app, Paul! Music teachers – we designed this app with you in mind, and want your input as we move forward. If you’d like to use Tin Pan Rhythm in an educational setting, please get in touch – contact [at] tin-pan.com

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