Animoog on Sale – One of the best synth apps for iOS!

AnimoogAnimoog for iPhone is on sale right now for $1.99 – 

Animoog for iPad is on sale right now for $14.99 – 

Animoog is getting some serious development work done currently to get it brought up to speed with all the current iOS8 and AudioBus and InterApp updates from the past year. The app works but needs some work and that work is being done. With Animoog on sale currently, now is a great time to pick it up!

Animoog is one of my favorite synth apps – it has an XY interactive touch pad that gives you the chance to alter the sound easily even in the middle of a performance! The keys on the screen are also designed to react to the multi-touch screen of iOS – move your finger up and down the keys and you will get some very satisfying alterations of the current timbre. This sort of interactive sound alteration is what makes iPad such an excellent performance device!

Other ways to control your performance – You get access to scales – no more being stuck with a 13 note chromatic keyboard! You can also use the iOS accelerometer to alter there sound!

There is Sonoma and AudioBus compatibility as well!



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