Reflector 2 Has Been Released!

Reflector2 Large DemoWell this is a big day for announcements! All sorts of new products jumping up! PreSonus, Roland and Squirrels!

No, no… not THOSE Squirrels! Squirrels as in the company that makes one of two pieces of software that allow us to emulate an Apple TV!

The software is now called Reflector2 LargeReflector 2. It used to be called something else when it was first released and then they changed the name to Reflector. Today they have updated us to Reflector 2! A big update too!

I am just going to give you a quick overview because if you already own the $14.99 app then you can get a limited time savings of 33% which would make the cost to you $9.99! Act fast though because that upgrade price isn’t going to stay there long.

Here are some of the changes…. wait… let me start from the beginning and give a quick overview of what this app even does;

In my class-room, and I think this is pretty standard these days, I have a projector that displays my teacher computer onto a big screen that the class can see. In my class-room though I frequently want to sow the students what is on my iPad or iPhone. That has meant in the past that I had to purchase an Apple TV (which is now $69). Then I could use Apple’s AirPlay tech to wirelessly display my iPad through the Apple TV onto the big screen. Pretty sweet!

Then along came Squirrels with their app, which is now Reflector 2. Another app is out there as well that is similar called AirServer. Both of these solutions were $14.99 pieces of software (AirServer does have educational pricing) compared to the $69 cost of an Apple TV! This software now allows me to take the screen of my iPad/iPhone and wirelessly display it on the big screen which is hooked up to my computer.

Reflector 2 Large Demo2EXCITING NEWS TODAY with Reflector 2 now Squirrels is calling all Android users as well! Android screen mirroring is here. Reflector is the first and only Google Cast™ receiver that receives Cast-enabled Android phones and tablets at the same time as iPhone and iPads. Most Android devices support Google Cast natively, but those that don’t can still mirror. The addition of the free Google Chromecast application enables Android screen mirroring on most phones and tablets.

So now Reflector runs on Macs, Windows and will display from iOS as well as Android devices that do Google Cast! That is a pretty significant list of devices that is supported by this technology!


UI: There is now an updated UI – Smart Layout, Emphasizing of Devices, Frames, Show or Hide Devices, Full Screen Mode

MIRRORING: Mirror from Android with google Cast and AirPlay from iOS

RECORDING: Record your screen with Voice-Over, Embed Frames, Multiple Device Recording, YouTube Live Streaming and WebCam Video are COMING SOON!

STREAMING: Stream photos and videos plus you can stream audio only.

SECURITY OPTIONS: Quick Connect (connect other computers with these codes, On-Screen AirPlay Codes (You must be able to see the code on the screen in order to connect! No more getting a connection from some random student wandering the hallway!), Connection Prompts (Allow or Deny a device from the control center BEFORE it is connected!)

REFLECTOR DIRECTOR: New companion app for iPad – Reflector Director is an iOS companion application that pairs with Reflector running on any computer. Use the app to wirelessly manage any connected Android or iOS devices. Teachers are going to love this!


So obviously, Squirrels developers have been talking to teachers and educators about the possibilities for this app! Honestly, this is what the Apple TV should be able to do out of the box!

I want to leave you with a quick glance at a couple of the new UI features in the way of a YouTube video. This is just a first glance as this app and its new updates are huge and offer so many new possibilities that I will have to share more as I dive into the new features further. For now though – a quick glimpse….


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