BeatHawk – Updated and Intro Price Ending on the 19th!

BeatHawk SmallIf you have not purchased BeatHawk yet and you are on the fence, now is the time to act as the introductory price of $4.99 is soon ending. The regular price is $9.99.

BeatHawk MainBeatHawk lets you create beats, sample, layer melodies, mix
and arrange songs with ultimate ease through a sleek and highly-optimized
user interface… and there’s much more to come!

The app has just been updated as well…

What’s new?
– Added option to erase only MIDI CC of a track
– Added option to delete a region in Song Mode
– Added support of AIFF, AIFC, CAF audio files
– Added Midi Sync to Host with IAA
– Added Redo button
– Bug fixes and various optimizations
This app is a fresh take on how a DAW/Portable Production Studio should work. I really like the workflow but it is different. The main screen is set up like 16 drum pads. On each pad you could have assigned a drum sound but there could also be a synth, bass or other melodic sound assigned to that pad. Once you tap on the pad and select the Pitch button on the left you then get a keyboardist interface that allows you to play different pitch’s.
There is also a volume button that allows you to set the volume by interacting with the 16 pads – pad 1 is super soft and 16 is loud.
The one disappointing part of this app is that there are not as many sounds included as I would like to see. Other synth/DAW type apps like this give me many more options. I feel a bit cheated on that side of things. There are options for IAP’s but come on UVI… give us a bigger base set along with the main purchase!
The sounds are absolutely great though, depending on your style of music – don’t expect band and orchestra types of sounds! This is for sure more focused on synth/urban/dance/pop/hip hop styles. Here is a screenshot of the sound loading screen to give you an idea…. The three on top are my sounds (and I am pretty sure I bought the Urban and Atlanta sound sets. The ones underneath the user library are all IAP’s at the majority of the prices being $4.99 – $7.99.
BeatHawk Sound Selection Screen
For the Intro price of $4.99 this app is very much worth that price so grab it NOW! IT comes from UVI – they have been around for a while now on the desktop developing some awesome sound sets there.

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