Photo Apps for Music Educators

So we all take a ton of photos and videos of our musical ensembles and their performances. Of course of our families and vacations. With todays iPhones and iPads I would suspect many of us simply us that device many times because IT IS WITH US at just THAT moment!

What apps have you found to help you capture and then share those precious moments at times like when the little 5th grader comes up and says “Mr. Shimmons, my clarinet is not working, can you check it out?” and then you see his reed…. well, what HE calls a reed. Those are moments that just have to be captured and shared.

Currently there are some great apps featured by Apple that are on a huge sale – some of them 60% off or more! Here are some that I have found very useful and increase the quality of my photo’s/videos or help me share those moments in interesting and appealing ways…. (If you have great apps leave comments below. If you have performances/pictures you would like to share that you created and thought turned out nicely then share those below as well!)



Fly Video EditorFly Video Editor

HyperlapseHyperlapse from Instagram


Pinnacle StudioPinnacle Studio



One thought on “Photo Apps for Music Educators

  1. I use the app ProCam Really high quality photo taking and video recording. My only drawback is if you video record it takes a while to download the video once you are finished recording.

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