Happy Birthday to the iPad!

5 years ago today the first iPad went on sale – I remember that year well because I went out and bought an iPad on day one! Almost didn’t get it though! Darned Apple Store actually would not let me make the purchase because I was in Washington DC on Spring Break and they did not like the fact that my check was from Michigan. I ended up walking out empty handed, in fact – I was so upset that I did not even play with one of the iPad’s while in the Apple Store! Part of what made me so mad was that my family and I had driven all the way from Myrtle Beach, SC to Washington and we made it to the Apple Store in Washington where I had an iPad on hold for me – made it in the last 30 minutes before they were not going to hold it any more!

So I walked out empty handed.

On the way to the hotel my wife wanted to stop at a grocery store which just so happened to have a Best Buy next door – I think it was Best Buy. I “knew” they were not going to have any to sell but I went in to touch and play with one at least. Ended up that they in fact did have the 64GB version available to sell, turned out they didn’t have one single issue taking my check from out of state – in fact that wasn’t all we bought. Bought a couple of iPod Touches as well!

We still have that iPad1. In fact my daughter has been using it since her iPad Mini stopped charging. Doesn’t keep up with my apps very well but it does serve many purposes just fine! Runs iOS5.

Anyways – that was my first blog post here as well – go back five years in my archives and read the full story.

Today I still would not suggest any teacher/musician get an iPad with less than 64GB’s of storage or ANYBODY get one with less than 32GB!

NOW….. stop reading, go buy some of the music apps that are on sale and go have fun! Make some music to worship our risen Lord and Savior, for He is risen indeed!

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