audiomux and midimux – Buy Now To Save!

midimux Icon audimux Icon

If you have an iPad, a Mac Computer and you want to make some sweet music mixing the two then you need to buy audiomux and midimux. Plus, for the next week at least, you can get the two of them as a bundle to save money!

midimux Iconmidimux – $9.99

audimux Iconaudiomux – $6.99

audio-midimux BundleBundle – $9.99

I’ve posted about these before, as well as Music IO which is a similar app. Here is a recap though….

midimux allows you to send midi signals back and forth between your iOS device and your Mac using the USB cable that came with your iOS device.

audiomux allows you to stream audio from your iOS device to your Mac and vice versa all with a very low cpu usage.

Both apps even allow you to use multiple iOS devices connected to the same Mac!



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