PDF Expert 5 – 50% Sale (All Teachers Need This App!)

PDF Expert5 Small IconPDF Expert 5 – $4.99 (currently on a 50% sale)

As teachers we have to constantly deal with an immense mountain of paperwork each and every day! The good news is that our iPads can help tame that mountain. PDF Expert is one of those apps that is on my front page of apps on both my phone as well as my iPad. It helps me when I have to fill out forms, have people sign things, or when we are working on a worksheet in class that I want to project on the big screen to demonstrate for the students. PDF Expert helps me to organize, download, upload and store all those documents I get from my principals, the organizations I belong to, my Band Boosters and the papers I scan to grade from my students. It’s ability to interact with cloud services is amazing, be it DropBox, GoogleDrive or iCloud (and many others by the way)

PDF Expert Storage

PDF Expert is one of those apps that I use when I interact with other people – like today when my principal needed to sign my forms for the band to attend band festival. She has gotten pretty used to this over the past couple of years. I love using PDF Expert in class – I load in a worksheet and project it on the big screen. Then I have every kids attention on the correct spot – no wondering if they know what I am talking about because I can show them all at once. Then as we work through the answers, I wander around the room and have students write in their answers on my iPad that then show up on the screen in front of the room. Kids love being able to have what they are writing on the iPad magically show up on the screen – look ma, no wires!

You HAVE to use one workflow of where to store all those documents and which app you will use to edit, read and share them. For me that workflow is to use PDF Expert and Readdle’s Document app. You can even transfer files from your iPad straight to your laptop! (I HATE WIRES!)

Indispensable and currently 50% off! What are you waiting for? Go buy it and you too can be Viewing, Editing, Annotating, Signing, Filling Out, and Organizing! By the way this is not JUST for PDF’s….

PDF Expert File Types


11 thoughts on “PDF Expert 5 – 50% Sale (All Teachers Need This App!)

  1. Hi Paul – Thanks for the tips.
    How do you connect your ipad to the big screen? (apple TV?)
    Also How do you wirelessly transfer straight to your laptop?

    1. Hi JB – Sorry it’s taken me a couple of days to get this info to you – I use both an Apple TV in my classroom to connect to the big screen as well as connecting through the AirServer app or the Reflector App running on my laptop which is hooked up to the screen.

      As for transferring files wirelessly – You have two options here –
      1)Make sure that your iPad and your Mac are both on the same network. Then while you are in PDF Expert you will see a NetWork icon on the left. You will have to input your User Name and Password from your Mac in order to connect.
      2)You can enable the Wi-Fi Drive in the Options menu in PDF Expert – Then on your mac you will open a web browser and type in the address that PDF Expert will show you under the Wi-Fi Drive options.

      Good luck!

      1. Thanks for that Paul – I’ll look into those apps.
        I’m one of those folks that use a PC.. not a mac.. But i’m sure(Hope) there will be something else I can use 🙂

      2. Good News JB – Both of the apps I mentioned are Windows compatible! Plus these apps are cheaper than an Apple TV and the added bonus is that when you mirror your iPad through one of these apps the image on the big screen is actually bigger then when using an Apple TV!

        Also, the Wi-Fi drive and Network functions in PDF Expert may just work with PC as well – I am not sure about that but it would sure be worth a try! Let me know if it does work!

      3. I’ve checked out that software. Looks great! and awesome that it works on Windows, Mac or Android!

        I’ve also checked out PDF Expert, and found that it hosts it’s own browser (And also will connect to WebDAV, FTP and SFTP Shared folders!)

        So I’ve successfully been able to connect to my iPad, upload and download files from both my Windows Laptop & Android Tablet FTW! 🙂

  2. Hi again,
    Are you able to tell me who the devs are for those 2 apps (AirServer & Reflector) a search of the app store returns A LOT of results, but none seem appropriate..
    Thanks again

    1. By the way – those two apps are not to be found in Apple’s App store – They are actually apps you install on your computer that allow you to mirror your iPad through the use of the AirPlay function built into your iPad already.

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