NanoStudio is 50% off This Weekend!

Oh wow, this is a great deal! This is the cheapest NanoStudio LogoNanoStudio has ever been – $6.99! Must be celebration that it is Spring time now!

See my post below about this app – too….

NanaStudio is a multi-track recording studio with a builtin synth that is just pure greatness, the ability to sample and edit your own sounds, a sequencer, trigger pads, a mixer and even effects… all wrapped up in one shiny little app!

  • 6 simultaneous instruments (IAP gets you 16)
  • NanoStudio supports audio copy/past.
  • Supports core MIDI and external MIDI interfaces
  • Will upload your creations to SoundCloud
  • Ability to transfer samples, final mixes and individual track mix downs straight to your Mac/PC via a companion app there
  • AudioBus compatible in the Input or OutPut slot

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