What Can Be Created On An iPad With Just One App? (NanoStudio!)

NanoStudio LogoI was astonished the other day when I was at our Board Meeting to have a nice lady come up to discuss apps on these new fangled phones and iPads! She was amazed at the ability for an iPad to become a tuner! Man, I wish I had more time to talk to her! I would have shown her a few other iPad music skills to astonish her….

Like what can created with an app like NanoStudio LogoNanoStudio ($13.99)….. (Have you seen NanoStudio? If you don’t have it you should! It’s AWESOME!)

NanoStudio works on iPad or iPhone/iPod Touch so it could be a very accessible piece of technology to incorporate with students. In August NanoStudio was updated and now requires iOS 7 or later. It has been around since July of 2010 and continues to run on the older devices although you will have to download the older version. Plus, did you know that NanoStudio is available for the Mac/PC as a free download!

In this first piece I did some sampling of my own using an Arizona Tea Can for some of the rhythmic parts. It’d be so easy to have kids make music using their very own sounds!

This piece was only 4 tracks of sequencing but the sounds in NanoStudio are so inspiring it’s not hard to come up with something fun, interesting and will take up a couple hours of your time – who needs TV!


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