Using iPad Mixed With Logic Pro To Arrange Music

The Recipe –

Use your iPad and Cubasis to start then add in a bunch of ThumbJam, Guitarism, EarHoof, iGrand, iFretless Bass. Throw in a huge dose of InterApp Audio Then brew it all into Logic Pro to find a drummer!

Used Logic the entire time actually to be the in-between for my QuNexus and Novation Lanuchkey to run through Music IO back into my iPad into Cubasis.

The outcome –

The Process –

I need a backing track to play with for our Irish Festival coming up. I knew I wanted Bagpipes in there along with some tin whistle. That brought out ThumbJam Small IconThumbJam and Cubasis small iconCubasis on the iPad. Of course I needed a scratch track to follow along with so that meant I grabbed the QuNexus – I could have hooked it straight into the iPad but why do that when there is a new app out there that allows me to plug my QuNexus and iPad into my laptop to share with Logic Pro (which I knew I would use later). So that meant I got a chance to try out Music IO Small IconMusic IO….. I used that app to play my QuNexus (which was plugged into my Laptop and Logic) to control the soft synth in Cubasis and recorded the melody line real quick.

Then came the Bagpipes – Had to use Inter-App Audio to make the connection from ThumbJam into Cubasis. I also recorded the violin and hang drum parts this way.

Couldn’t be finished without a Guitar player so I used InterApp Audio and Guitarism Small IconGuitarism to record that into Cubasis on the iPad.

LAST STEP – (or so I thought)

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 3.16.28 PM

I then took the Cubasis project and shared it to DropBox. Then it was off to the laptop. I unzipped the Cubasis file, opened Logic Pro and dumped in the audio recordings. This allowed me to then see sheet music in Logic Pro that played back in sync with the recording. This allows me to play the melodies on the EWI while viewing “sheet music” in Logic! this assures that I don’t get lost, forget where I am or miss a note because I’m turning a page (I suppose I really should get one of those foot pedals!)


After realizing that the entire arrangement was too short I decided I needed to tag on another time through everything but this time I needed a Drummer, Pianist and Bassist!

So I had to grab a bigger keyboard controller because there was no way I was going to play those piano parts on the QuNexus. I hooked things up the same way as last time. The Novation LaunchKey into the laptop running through Logic Pro and Music IO Small IconMusic IO over into Cubasis on the iPad.

Piano parts were played on iGrand icon smalliGrand Piano. Bass parts were from iFretlessIconiFretless Bass.

This time when I recorded in Cubasis I created a MIDI track as well as an Inter-App Audio track. This allowed me to record the piano and bass parts as MIDI, go back and edit the MIDI recordings and THEN record the actual audio file.

Of course after that I had to add in a touch of weirdness so I brought out EarHoof SmallEarHoof – I love this app but just have not used it often enough! I recorded a bass drum part that also had a heavily repeated higher swishing sound with it. It’s cool!

The Drummer I pulled from Logic’s Drummer feature – fast, quick and easy!


First of all – yes I took some artistic freedom in style and tempo for this piece! It is after all “MY VERSION”!

Second of all – yes there are probably some easier ways to do some this but I like exploring!

Thirdly – It boils down to this…. we have so many options to create – JUST GO CREATE!


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