Music IO: MIDI Over USB – the second such app all in the same weekend!

Music IO: MIDI Over USB by Secret Base Design is the second app released this weekend that allows for MIDI to be sent over the charging cable of your iPad when connected to your Mac! Such an amazing new possibility! Actually , this is how things should have worked from the start!

The exciting part is that the Music IO app is only $2.99! The midimux app that was announced just yesterday is $9.99! Here is where I wrote about Midimux – Midimux Released

In fact there is even more news about this app that you need to know…. Soon the Music IO app will be updated to allow for sending audio over the same USB connection! In fact, the audio sending feature is actually working in their prototypes. It works bi-directional even! The only question how soon will the interface for that feature going to be finished, soon they say. The first update may only feature audio in one direction – from your iOS device to your Mac but bi-directional will be released after that. The update will be free to users too!

Let’s compare prices of Music IO to Midimux: which will soon have a sister app to allow for audio over USB…

  • Music IO – $2.99 (for now) – Includes MIDI over USB now and soon will also include Audio over USB
  • Midimux – $9.99 – Includes MIDI over USB. When the other app to do Audio over USB is released there will be a bundle price of $14.99

You do the math. This is a hot race!

The developers of this app are not new to the iOS music scene. The app was a combination of efforts from three developers…. Secret Base Design, MIDI Designer and Audeonic Apps.

Here is some more information…..


  • Send & Receive MIDI between any CoreMIDI apps over USB (Lightning or 30 pin) with no perceptible latency nor jitter
  • Large sysex messages (eg. bulk dumps) handled seamlessly
  • Choose “send to” ports (OSX and iOS)
  • Choose “receive from” (OSX): route MIDI from anywhere to your iOS device
  • BridgeClock, a ground-breaking inter-device MIDI-clock-synchronization technology, provides jitter-free sync between platforms
  • Runs on iOS 6 or better


The developing team for this app are very active members on the iPad Musicians Facebook Group. It is interesting to note that through the release of the companion mac app there is a bug that has risen. Something about the way the Mac app store sandboxes  – sand in your boxers is never nice and this bug isn’t either! BUT we live in the 21st century and we have been having live updates from the developers all day long about what is going on and how to fix it – all through Facebook, from all over the world! These are exciting times we live in! Anyways… within hours the team had a fix up on their website. That should tell you something about their dedication to musicians using iOS to make music!


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