midimux – Let Your iPad Talk MIDI to Your Computer Through USB!

midimux_appOh man! This is big!

Awesome news of the day coming straight out of Berlin, Germany!

Zerodebug are pleased to announce the launch and immediate availability of their new midi-over-usb app, midimux smallmidimux.

I love wireless BUT the problem with relying on wireless is you are relying on wireless! You are always at the mercy of your network and the traffic, firewalls and number of devices connected. Why is this a problem? Because when you are dealing with a musical performance, you want totally reliable connections! You can NOT be playing on your iPad that is sending MIDI to your Laptop DAW through wireless MIDI and all of a sudden there is a hiccup! Notes are going to get stuck, notes are going to disappear, you will get a drop followed by a waterfall of regurgitated notes that hits you like a ocean wave! Things will fall out of sync and all sorts of bad things that will bring your performance to a crashing and embarrassing halt!

Soooooo…. even though I HATE cables – when I am in a live performance I tend to fall back on hardwiring devices together! With the release of midimux my electronic performances just got simpler and all through the use of the same cable that I use to charge my iPad. As soon as I buy this (soon) I will put it through the paces with my own projects as well as at the school in our all electronic music ensemble – Melodic Fusion. I will let you know more! If you have midimux please leave a comment below sharing your experience!

midmux screen1

Here is the press release….. (If you go visit their website you will see that they are working on another exciting app called audiomux that has not been released yet. That app looks just as promising!)


“midimux talks MIDI to your Mac – using the standard usb to lightning or 30 pin cable.

With midimux, you are no longer forced to rely on wifi-packets or external hardware to communicate MIDI data between a Mac and an iOS Device.
It seamlessly integrates your iPad/iPhone into your studio. worry-free, reliable and at an ultra low-latency.
And it works with all apps and controllers that speak MIDI.
midimux lets you..

– control iOS apps with hardware controllers that are connected to your Mac.
– sequence and play iOS apps using a DAW running on your Mac.
– control Mac applications or hardware connected to it, using Lemur, TouchOSC or any other app that uses MIDI.
– use iOS apps to play and sequence hardware instruments that are connected to your Mac.
– create virtual MIDI ports on the iPad/iPhone that can be mirrored to the Mac or other iDevices.
– connect more than one iOS device to the Mac – and send MIDI data between them.

all this wired – via the simple usb to lightning/30 pin cable.”


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