MIDImorphosis for Mac is HERE!


MIDImorphosis is an app that takes the audio input from an instrument, such as a guitar, and turns it into MDI messages! The app has been available for iOS for awhile now. It works well! In fact it is really, really fast in translating the messages from what is being played on your guitar and turning it into to MIDI.

Now Secret Base Design has released the Mac version of MIDImorphosis mac smal iconMIDImorphosis as well! Currently it is on an introductory sale for $4.99 so grab it up now if you are a guitar player!!!!!!!

Using this app opens all sort of possibilities for guitar players – now they can control synths, Logic, Abelton, GarageBand and many other outputs! The app works best with monophonic but it does do some polyphonic translation as well!

Talking about cutting wires – The app can send MIDI to CoreMIDI, Virtual MIDI, and DSMIDI Wifi, so you can use it with apps like GarageBand, or external MIDI equipment and desktop computers. It works well along side their other app, Apollo Remote RecorderApollo — to send MIDI notes over low latency Bluetooth connections to other iOS devices, or to Macs! Just make sure to read the requirements for Apollo as you have to make sure your devices are capable of the newer bluetooth technology.

NOW – Let’s talk mobile music making/learning/teaching with MIDImorphosis…..

Of course we teachers are always working with our students to make sure they can read music, I hope you are anyways! On an iPad (or the computer) you could use MIDImorphosisMIDImorphosis for iPad/ and an music notation/Guitar Tablature app like Progression small iconProgression, from Notion Music, you can now play on your guitar and have what you are playing get transcribed into actual TAB or normal music notation! All without ever touching a pencil or paper! Check this video out…. (WAIT…. go start downloading the app first because after you see the video you are going to want to do this!)


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