Apollo Transmit for Mac is Free for a few days – get it now!

sbd-banner-sm_0Apollo Sound TransmitSecret Base Design has done some outstanding work on iOS and Mac OS X in getting us to a point where we don’t rely on actual cable as much any more!

Their Apollo Transmit for the Mac is free for a few days – This app is part of a suite of applications that allow us to integrate iOS and Mac desktop DAW’s. What happens is you use Apollo Transmit to stream audio over wi-fi or ethernet to the free Apollo Injector Small IconApollo Sound Injector app on either an iOS device or if you are a PC user then it is available as a VST.

Sit and think for a minute…… Wireless…. No cables….. yup…. there ya go! Now you are smiling right?

For instance, I am constantly using a pair of headphones at my house – along with my laptop, iPad and iPhone. I jump back and forth between the 3 for various reasons and it is a hassle to have to keep switching the headphone cable back and forth – oh yeah, not anymore!

The Secret Base Design developers have done a ton of work to help make sure that latency issues stemming from wireless network are as minimal as possible. There is even a “tighten up” button – gotta love that!

They do suggest that you use SoundFlower on the mac to help route audio to the correct spots!

So – In order to get this working you will need three apps….. 2 for your mac and one for your iOS device….

MAC – Apollo Transmit and SoundFlower

iOS – Apollo Sound Injector


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