Cubasis gets FX Pack 1 & 2 – Benefit to Music Educators?

Cubasis Screenshot - with automationCubasis small iconCubasis is one of the awesome DAW apps available for iPad. This $49.99 app gives you a portable production studio that is portable and a few years ago would have cost you at least $250!

Enough of the “what is Cubasis”… Back to the news of the week for the app.

Now Steinberg has released 2 IAP’s, for $6.99 each, that give us access to 6 different, high quality FX’s right inside of the app. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some outstanding FX apps that work hand in hand with Cubasis through either AudioBus or InterApp Audio. The more we don’t have to rely on those extra connections though the simpler life is. Especially when we start talking about Music teachers and music students using these apps.

Cubasis FX PacksOne of the FX’s caught my eye as a possible benefit to us teachers. Inside of FX pack 1 there is a a Stereo Width FX. That means that quite possibly I can take my iPad to a concert, use the built-in mic to record and later apply this stereo width FX to give me a better recording to listen to. The problem with recording on my iPad/iPhone is that the recording is only mono. I can hook up external microphones to get stereo but that means extra equipment and more setup. That extra work is well worth it if you have the time. What about in the middle of class though when you simply want a quick recording to play back for the students? How much benefit is there anyways with a better quality handheld recorders like the Zoom H4n or Marantz PMD620 that already have builtin stereo mics that are better quality then what Apple gives us built into our iOS devices? What about the bump in quality that you get when you actually hook up an external, professional grade, stereo, recording mic?

Well, stay tuned because the next couple of posts I am going to write will be about the answers to these very questions.


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