Wirelessly Stream Audio from one iOS device to Another – New Audreio App Released Today!

Audreio Large IconAudreio SmallAudreio ($4.99) is a new app that was just released to, February 2, 2015. It has one amazing purpose… to stream the audio from one iOS device to a second iOS device.

This app uses Apple’s Inter-App-Audio standard along with your wi-fi network to pull this off.

SCENARIO – Open any Inter-App-Audio app on your iPhone, along with Audreio select the iPad you would like to stream your uncompressed audio to and away you go! That audio coming into your iPad can then be routed to the speaker output jack on your iPad or to another Inter-App-Audio app like Cubasis for further manipulation.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN – Less wires! Less time spent dealing with IP address and complicated setups! Less money spent on interfaces!

This app does mean your apps have to be Inter-App-Audio compatible but that list is constantly growing and is already pretty massive (over 400)! There is a list I keep on my blog of current apps that support IAA and the Audreio website has a list as well. Both my list as well as theirs are thanks to Loran as mentioned in this FaceBook post from Audreio- “Our page for browsing and discovering IAA apps just got a massive update. Big thanks to iOS power user Loran/Philowerx for helping us boost the page well over 400 apps.”

Judging by the amount of traffic this blog constantly gets because of people searching for information about apps that support IAA, Audreio made a pretty smart move by focusing their attention on IAA.

Looks very promising and hopefully I will be able to test this out myself soon. If you have used this already and want to share your experience, please leave a comment! I’d also love to know where do you see this being useful in music education, I’ve got several ideas as well and will share as soon as I’ve bought this and tried it out more!

Audreio Header


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