Duet Display – Use your iPad as a second screen for your mac!

Duet Display SmallDuet Display ($14.99) is an interesting concept. It is an app that allows you to use your iPad, or iPhone if you so desire to be that crazy, as an additional display for your Mac.

I have another app that does much the same sort of thing but that other app uses wi-fi so there is a lag. With Duet Display you hook your iPad up to you computer with its charging cable and there is no lag at all! What I see on the screen of my iPad can be controlled by the trackpad/mouse and it is even touch enabled! So now I have a touch enabled interface to my Mac!

This could prove useful with some of our music apps we use – I know I have always detested having those stupid toolbars, information panels or whatever your app calls them. They cover up what I REALLY want to see – the music score I am currently working on or the Logic tracks I would like to record on or edit.

Now of course, I’ve never used more than a 15″ MacBacPro screen size and have never spent the extra money for an external monitor either. BUT with this app I could use my iPad to display the mixer for Logic while my main MBP screen is showing the tracks that are running. In Notion or Sibelius I could put the toolbars over there on the iPad and leave the MBP screen to display the music. What about in Pages…. again, I could use the iPad to display the information panel/tools and the main document would then be unobstructed.

Just curious as to whether or not anyone else is using this setup and what uses you have found for it.

Duet Display Screen


2 thoughts on “Duet Display – Use your iPad as a second screen for your mac!

  1. Hi Paul, thought I should let you know about an amazing new app called “plickers.” It just came out, and saw a demo at FMEA. Super cool and free app for teachers print unique QR codes for students, ask questions, and the students hold up their answer on a piece of paper, and the teacher holds up a phone for instant quizzes or polls. Really easy to use and fun. Plickers.com

    Thought you’d be interested in it. Pete Carney Interactive Listening


  2. Hi Pete,
    That sounds awesome…. I’ve seen that but have not dug in and tried it because I figured that with that many QR codes held up it wouldn’t work well. It is exciting to hear you say that it was a successful demo when you saw it. I will have to try it in class!

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