Using iPad Effects Apps Live – Flux FX from NOIISE

fluxfx_performance_1200“Playing” your effects is a new concept in my head at least that I am trying to wrap my mind around!

Altering the sound of my iPad synth app, or a guitar or even a live vocalist, through the use of an iOS effects app while playing live I think could be very fun! Of course people have been using effects for years but these effects parameters are so easy to adjust and mess with on the fly now when you are using a device like an iPad/iPhone.

Flux FX SmalFlux FX ($19.99) is a new app that has been developed with specifically this in mind – here is the description from their web-site….

“FLUX:FX is a professional multi-effect audio processor app for the iPad that lets you ‘play’ your effects. Innovative, intuitive and exciting, FLUX:FX lets you manipulate any audio signal into something entirely new, and redefines the possibilities of audio and live performance in an app with an almost unlimited range of effect options. FLUX:FX is a truly authentic digital platform for designing your sound.”

I especially love their graphic of a possible hookup that they have on their web-site:

Flux FX - Hookup Diagram

Stupidly addictive and fun to use, easy to incorporate into a live setup, and giving us sounds that we have not been able to create using “old fashioned gear”! How’s that for a summary? Plus they are based in the Netherlands which is where my Mothers, Mothers, Father came from…. what better place to build and develop apps from!?

The ability to use those X-Y pads and change settings so easily on the fly is astounding! With the app you get 5 effects slots to fill with a variety of effects. Each slot has an X-Y pad. Then there is a step sequencer that you can utilize as well! In the sequencer mode you get an overview with 5 smaller X-Y pads and you can control all 5 at the same time – live in concert! Of course if you are like me and you have both hands busy playing an instrument then you could just run the sequencer to automatically change settings in sync to the tempo of your music. There are a ton of pre-sets that come pre-loaded int he app as well as slots to hold your own pre-sets.

Here are a couple of videos of the app in action – one is a vocalist with another person controlling the app and the second is one of the developers himself during a sound check playing his guitar….


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