Inter-App-Audio and AudioCopy – An Exploration and Explanation of Why “Do Record on an iPad”

The answer is simple….

I can do things sitting on my couch that I had to sitting at my desk to do before!

As for Inter-App-Audio and AudioCopy…. Did you know that two music apps can talk to each other and send audio back and forth? For this exploration I used Cubasis as my recording app and all of the sounds came out of Alchemy through one of those two methods mentioned.

Benefits of Inter-App-Audio…. I can have a bunch of recorded tracks playing along in Cubasis that I am listening to but actually be playing and looking at Alchemy! IAA puts a tiny control panel for Cubasis inside of Alchemy to control start, stop, record and a few other details.

Benefits of AudioCopy…. I can use the crazy fun morphing to alter/change/morph the recordings made in the 4 track sequencer in Alchemy.

Take a listen to my exploration below and as way of explanation…. I had a friend ask the other day, “Why would I need those other synth apps on my iPad, I’m a guitar player!” Well, wouldn’t it be nice to add more to that guitar recording like some of this stuff….


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