DiscoFingers to start off the New Year Right!

Disco Fingers LargeYou will not be required to dress up like the village people or get out the disco ball but I do promise you that you will have a ball with this app!

If you have not seen Disco Fingers SmallDiscoFingers (FREE to download) yet and you are a music teacher, musician, or just a plain person with an iPad, then you really need to do yourself a favor and go loose yourself in this app! It is easy to figure out, it is easy to make a fun beat with and easy to share you musical genius with the rest of the world!

The premise is simply that you tap the finger person at the bottom of the screen and then start tapping away on the main part of the screen. The play bar runs along the grid and when it hits the little person you just dropped on the main part of the screen you will hear you musical composition start to take shape! Keep adding, dragging, tapping, switching little people and stop only when you run out of spots to put people or when you are happy with your funky piece of music you just made! Then you get to share it via a message, email, Facebook, twitter or even better yet you can make a ringtone with it! Making a ringtone is a first for the apps that I have used – I can’t think of another app that has this built into the app! Nifty!

Disco Fingers Screen Shot1As you tap and hold on the little musician people at the bottom of the screen then everything slides up to reveal other options for new sounds/little musicians! Some are free to select where-as others are going to be an IAP. They even have a Disco Santa and a Jingle Jim!

The little people are all animated and are fun to watch as they bop around and jiggle to the music!

I think CEO Per Harald Borgen and his merry band of developers here have hit on a couple of critical points for an app like this….

  1. First off, this is a fun app that will have anybody busy at making music for quite a while! It also has lasting power – kids will want to come back to this.
  2. This type of app gives kids a bit of a brain workout in a very safe environment. They are required to make choice of which sounds to use, where to put those sounds, what other sounds to combine and then enough is enough. BUT (and this is critical…. It’s going to be hard to make “wrong” decisions!
  3. It will be fun for kids to share their creations with the school community, family and friends! They are going to feel like rock stars I think!
  4. Giving us a couple of people where we can actually sample/record our own voices on is huge! This really opens up the doors for individuality here. It also gives students a glance at the real world of sampling and looping!


A couple of improvements I think I would like to see in the future is that I would love to be able to change some of the details of my creations – tempo, key signature, and what scale/tonality we are in. Secondly, how long the piece is. Lastly, I would love to be able to create more than just the one loop – how much fun would it be to create a bunch of these and then string them all together into a full fledged piece of music!


This is a home-run app for anyone working with music students. Maybe more for the younger kids but even middle school and high school kids to some extent – Hey, if I can have that much fun with the app then anyone can!

Here is one of my Disco Greatness Creations –  (of course if you have the app downloaded already you are going to be able to have more fun when you click on that link! In fact you can re-mix my Disco Greatness!)



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