SymphonyPro App and Audio Mastering On Sale! (Along with a few other after Christmas Sales)

SymphonyPro Small IconCurrently SymphonyPro for the iPad is 25% off until the end of the year so if you don’t have it here is your chance! This is a good price on this app and worth every cent if you want to do any sort of music notation using iPad while you are not having to be tied to a laptop or worse yet a desktop! I have written before about the fact that SymphonyPro is one of your best choices for music notation on the iPad…. and soon it will also be available for iPhone (although this is NOT going to be a universal app, which means you will have to purchase twice, iPad version and iPhone version.)

Keep your eye on my blog and on their blog because when the iPhone version of SymphonyPro is released I think you will like the price! The release is coming soon!

Audio Mastering Small IconAudio Mastering is one of the two apps that I put all of my recordings through as a final mastering process. The current price drop to $6.99 (from $12.99) is about the best price you will find on this app!

Also you will find these apps on sale….

AltiSpace Small IconAltiSpace – One of the finest reverb apps on iPad. $3.99 (form $6.99)

Master Record Small IconMasterRecord – $2.99 (from $5.99) – App to bring the richness and warmth of analog tape machines to your recordings.

Master FX Small IconMaster FX – $5.99 (from $11.99) – Effects intended for real-time processing of sound from on or two external instruments/microphones. Chorus, 3 Band EQ, Flanger, Pitch Modulator, Delay, Reverb and a few others.

The developer of these four fine apps is Igor, an awesome person, who likes to stay in touch with the people who use his apps.


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