Christmas App Sales! Man, I hope you got a couple of iTunes Gift Cards!

New and OutStanding Apps That Have Me Playing More Then Blogging!
ElasticDrumElastic Drums $3.99 (from $7.99) – Great new app for making and messing around with drum tracks! Review soon to come!
iProphet SmalliProphet $4.99 (from $9.99) – What more needs to be said, a Prophet synth in your iPAD!
FM4 SmallFM4 $0.99 (INTRO PRICE!)
PhotophorePhotophore Synth $4.99 (INTRO PRICE!) This app…. wow! This is one of those reasons iPad was created! So that new and innovative interfaces could be created to do things that just were never possible before! This app is exciting to say the least!

AudioShare SmallAudioShare $2.99 (from $3.99)
Final Touch Small IconFinalTouch $4.99 (from $19.99) – I’ve written about this app so much in the past! It’s simple – If you record your ensembles, soloists or ANYONE just get this app to run the recordings through as a final step! You will thank me – well, at least the developers later!
Apollo MIDIApollo MIDI over Bluetooth $0.99 (from $4.99) (READ REQUIREMENTS!)
Apollo Remote RecorderApollo Remote Recorder $0.99 (from $4.99) (READ REQUIREMENTS!)

Synth Apps:
Thor Small iconThor $4.99 (from $14.99) – These first couple of synths you just can not go wrong with! Get them and you will enjoy playing around!
MagellanMagellan $4.99 (from $9.99) – This app is actually is one of those you have to buy for the iPad as well as the iPhone and it is worth every cent you pay for each app too!
Addictive Synth SmallAddictive Synth $4.99 (from $9.99) – The name says it all! Addictive is right! Don’t start playing with this right before bedtime!
Tera Synth SmallTera Synth $9.99 (from $19.99) – Once again – Amazing sounds. A bit different then the above so it never hurts to have several of these around!
SampleTank icon smallSampleTank $9.99 (from $19.99)
iGrand icon smalliGrand Piano for iPad $9.99 (from $19.99) – Looking for the best piano sounds on an iPad? Buy this!
iGrand icon smalliGrand Piano for iPhone $9.99
iLectric icon smalliLectric $9.99 (from $19.99)
microtera smallmicroTERA $4.99 (from $9.99)
CubeSynth SmallCube Synth $5.99 (from $11.99)
iSyn Poly SmalliSyn Poly $1.99 (from $4.99)
iVoxel SmalliVoxel $4.99 (from $9.99)
HarmonyVoice SmallHarmony Voice $4.99 (from $9.99)
SectorSector $5.99 (from $8.99) – Experimental and wild!
Rebirth small iconReBirth $2.99 (from $14.99)
Gestrument SmallGestrument $4.99 (from $7.99)
Sir Simpleton Smallsir Sampleton $1.99 (from $2.99)
Sound Prism SmallSoundPrism Bundle $7.99
iMini SmalliMini $4.99 (from $9.99)
iSEM Small IconArturia iSEM $4.99 (from $9.99) – Should be at the top of the list! Sonically full and robust! Hook this baby up to some good speakers and you will see what I mean!
Arpeggionome SmallArpeggionome $4.99 (from $9.99) – The name says it all! Small $7.99 (from $9.99) – what an awesome app for ANYONE to create music with!
Korg Gadget Small IconKorg Gadget $29.99 (from $28.99)
iMS20Korg iMS-20 $19.99 (from $29.99)
iPolySixKorg iPolysix $19.99 (from $29.99)
iElectribeKorg iElectribe $9.99 (from $19.99)
iKaossilator Small IconKorg iKaossilator $9.99 (from $19.99)

AirVox SmallAirVox $1.99 (from $2.99) – Gesture Controlled Music!

Organ Apps
Galileo OrganGalileo Organ $4.99 (from $9.99)

DAW and Looping Apps

Auria Small LogoAuria DAW – This is one of those apps that when it when announced everyone thought was a hoax! After being released people have since continued to be blown away at the fact of what having a 48 track DAW inside of an iPad is like! 50% currently and if you want to get serious about recording multi-track and have at LEAST an iPad2 (more like a 3 and up!)

Auria Small LogoAuria LE – The baby brother to the above app, also 50% off

MultiTrack DAW SmallMultiTrack DAW – If you have an iPad2 then this is the DAW you want (although not on sale I see)
VoiceJam Studio SmallVoiceJam Studio $9.99 from $19.99) – This is the best app I’ve found to do looping and quick recordings on the iPad – Go watch the video!)
Loopy HDLoopy HD $0.99 (from $3.99)
Genome MIDI Sequencer SmallGenome $6.99 (from $12.99)

Holderness FX Bundle $11.99
GliderVerb SmallGliderVerb FREE (IAP is lowered at $4.99 – one free set of pre-sets)
AudioReverb small iconAudioReverb $3.99 (from $7.99)
AUFX:PeakQAUFX:PeakQ $2.99 (from $3.99)
AUFX:Dub SmallAUFX:Dub $2.99 (from $3.99)
AUFX:Space Small iconAUFX:Space $2.99 (from $3.99)
VocaLive icon smallVocaLive for iPad $9.99 (from $19.99)
VocaLive icon smallVocaLive for iPhone $9.99 (from $19.99)

OnSong SmallOnSong $9.99 (from $12.99) – If you use Chord Charts this app is for you! There is even a presentation mode that projects the lyrics to an external screen while you get to see the chord chart on your iPad! This is an amazing app for the church musician!

DJ APPS: for iPad $4.99 (from $9.99)
djay2 for iPhone Smalldjay2 for iPhone $1.99 (from $2.99)
Traktor DJTraktor DJ for iPad $4.99 (from $9.99)
Traktor DJTraktor DJ for iPhone $0.99 (from $1.99)

Drum Apps:
bleepBOX Smallbleep!BOX $3.99 (from $9.99)
Beatmaker2 Small IconBeatMaker2 $9.99 (from $12.99)

Apps for Guitar Players (or those who have Guitar Apps and want to spruce the sound up!)
GuitarCapo+ SmallGuitarCapo+ $1.99 (from $6.99) – WOW! Amazing acoustic guitar app!
ToneStack SmallToneStack $2.99 (from $9.99)
Bias - Amps Small IconBias $4.99 (from $19.99) – Guitar Amp designer and modeler
JamUp Pro Small iconJamup $4.99 (from $19.99) – Guitar Multi-Effects Processor

Sound Bank Apps (These really are an amazing deal compared to desktop versions and the normal iPad price so if you are interested NOW is the time to act!:
iCathedral Organ SmalliCathedral Organ $33.99 (from $54.99)
Oriental Strings SmallOriental Strings $33.99 (from $54.99)
iSymphonic Orchestra SmalliSymphonic Orchestra $33.99 (from $54.99)

Remember all the links on this blog are affiliate links – that means that if you click on the links here and then decide to purchase the app you also support my efforts of writing and sharing with all of you! The small percentage I get comes straight out of Apple’s pocket and the developers get their full share as always. Thanks for you support and I hope I can continue to help you come up with new ideas and ways of doing music!


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