Broadcasting Meetings With An iPad

It was our goal this year to start making use of easily accessible technology to broadcast our Board of Education meetings at our school. Here is what I’ve tried so far….

We used High School Cube as our broadcasting service. I’ve not seen this before this year but tried it out several times throughout marching season. OF course it is really difficult to broadcast live marching band shows from the football field! I did record the marching show though and uploaded it later. It seems very straight forward and easy to use. People do have to register in order to watch the live streams but I’m not sure that is a bad thing.

High School Cube even GAVE us a tripod, a headset, a lens to get closer to the action and an iPad holder to attach it to the tripod. How nice of them!

We then used one microphone hooked into a small mixer which feed my Line6 Sonic Port. That then went into my iPad Air which was mounted on the tripod sitting safely in the mount that High School Cube supplied. Check the bottom of this post for a picture of this equipment.

Then we simply fired up the High School Cube app, signed in and hit the broadcast button. Seconds later we were live!

The audio worked pretty well! I was not sure about using only one mic but you can clearly understand everything and hear everyone. I do not like having to have the mic turned up as high as it was though – we got too much background noise, like papers rustling and people moving around. Two microphones would be better but that would require a mixer or interface like the PreSonus AudioBox iTwo $159.95. That interface would be a benefit in that the two mic’s could plug into the interface and then that would plug straight into the iPad. The benefit being getting rid of the mixer along with the power cord need for it and that would also mean one less cable!

Overall – this is a super simple process and the streaming worked flawlessly! Very happy with the quality of the stream – Thanks to High School Cube for making this so simple. They have taken all the techie weird stuff and made it so easy even a caveman could do it!

Would love to hear from any of you that have tried this and what has worked well for you.


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