Great News From SymphonyPro

SymphonyPro Small IconSymphonyPro for the iPad is one of the better music notation apps available. In fact, there really are three apps you should be looking at when talking about music notation on an iPad – Notion, NotateMe and SymphonyPro.

SymphonyPro is the app that takes the least amount of space and is what we would consider a full featured notation app.

Notion is another full featured notation app but is going to take some serious space on your iPad so beware those of you with 16GB iPads!

NotateMe is what you want if you are looking to handwrite your music (an amazing feeling by the way) OR if you are looking for the ability to scan your sheet music (as in take a picture with the iPad’s camera and have it turned into digital music notation.


SymphonyPro is coming to the iPhone! Plus if you act quick enough on release you just might get an unbeatable price! I have no idea what the final price will be, I have not heard that.

This idea of having SymphonyPro on an iPhone 6+ is very intriguing to me! I sure hope it has been optimized for the additional size!

Go sign up on their website to be notified when the app has passed the gatekeepers at the Apple Store. This might happen even before Christmas but who knows….



6 thoughts on “Great News From SymphonyPro

  1. I also am very excited! You better believe I will be checking in every day, several times a day as I want to get this for the introductory price of $0!

    So have you been using any other notation app alongside SymphonyPro? Like, I usually do some of the work on my iPad and then eventually switch over to the desktop.

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