To-Do Apps for iOS and Mac – What do you use?

There are so many To-Do apps out there for Mac and iOS. I am very interested in what people use on their iOS devices that will also sync to your Mac.

  • Wunderlist
  • 2Do
  • Good Task
  • Apple’s Reminders

What else? Leave me a comment below and I would love to know why you do or don’t use specific apps.


8 thoughts on “To-Do Apps for iOS and Mac – What do you use?

  1. GoodTask, and if I remember correctly, it was your review that in the end convinced me to take the jump.
    Straigh forward, not too many input like tags, contexts… but simply type a task and be done.
    Using the Reminders database is a smart move by GoodTask. And they’ve wrapped a rather stylish GUI around it.

  2. Wunderlist for everything. On my iPhone, iPad, Android tablet (school), and web.

    My wife and I keep a Walmart/Target list that we are constantly adding to. When one of us picks something up, it crosses out on our shared list.

  3. I use both Wunderlist and Apple’s Reminders. They are each good at different things. For instance, I used Wunderlist to make packing lists for vacations or shopping lists for errands or even to organize lists for an upcoming family reunion. At school, I keep a running list of long-term tasks. Wudnerlist is great for that because you can make a list category and have tasks in that category but then you can make sub tasks, share the list or files, and assign tasks. But I like to use Apple reminders for short term things because I love the widget in iOS 8 that populates your list in the notifications pull down. It’s very handy to wake up the in morning and take a look at the weather, my schedule for the day, and upcoming tasks.

  4. After trying out a lot of different apps I settled down on Todoist.
    A very good app available at a rediculous amount of platforms.

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