Music Notation on the iPad – NotateMe Rules!

I’ve just got to mention the fact that the NotateMe Icon SmallNotateMe app combined with the PhotoScore plug-in is an absolutely astounding tool!


I’ve got a contra-alto clarinet player and I really want her to play lower notes then what is written on the Baritone Sax part.


STEP 1)Pull out the iPad with the NotateMe app, open it up and jump into the PhotoScore plugin. I snap a photo of the first page of music, wait a few seconds while the music staves are recognized, tap the Next Page button and snap a photo of the second page. After a VERY short amount of time PhotoScore and NotateMe have scanned, recognized and turned a photo into editable musical notation! There are usually VERY few errors in working with a single instrument part like a tuba part in this case! I find that I end up editing out some text items because it just simply ends up in the wrong measure. Even articulations, dynamics markings and hairpins are all recognized with a great deal of accuracy.

STEP 2)The editing part is so much fun – I use my finger and handwrite any errors that actually do occur. After all, NotateMe is an app for hand-writting your music on an iOS device!

STEP 3)I will usually end up exporting an XML file out of NotateMe to use on my laptop in the end. In doing this XML exporting I have found at lest one interesting observation. If I export straight out of NotateMe into Notion on my laptop I find that many, many, many hairpins and dynamics end up ABOVE the staff instead of below the staff where they SHOULD be. BUT if I export the XML out of NotateMe into SymphonyPro Small IconSymphonyPro on the iPad 1st and then send it over to Notion on my laptop the dynamics are all in the correct spot. Take look at the two screenshots to see an example.

SymPro and Notion Comparisons

Both of the above screen shots are from Notion on the laptop. I have not edited much while in NotateMe! I do have to constantly fix multiple measure rests – NotateMe just does not recognize those. It also frequently gets confused when you have meter changes in the middle of a piece – as you can see on the left above at measure 69. For the life of me I can NOT figure out how to fix that issue within NotateMe – guess I should read the manual!


Music Notation on the iPad has caused me to be able to leave behind a $250 laptop app and a $250 scanner now sits collecting dust in the corner – simply because NotateMe with the PhotoScore plugin works BETTER!

This works well with an iPhone, iPodTouch and of course the iPad.

The full version of the app can be bought here – NotateMe Icon SmallNotateMe

There is a FREE (yes, FREE!) version of the app that allows you to scan one stave pieces of music – i.e. a Tuba part! It is called me NotateMe Icon SmallNotateMe Now


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