Newly Updated GuitarCapo+ Is Amazing and It Is on sale!

GuitarCapo+ LargeSometimes you hear what iPad apps can do and it just blows you away! Guitar is one of those instruments that I do not play so I am always looking for apps to give me alternative ways of getting guitar into my performances/recording.

Today I found an app that is going to become well used in my toolbox of apps! GuitarCapo+ SmallGuitarCapo+ from TonApp just simply sounds amazing! You really have to watch/listen to the video at the end of this blog post to start to fully understand the potential that lays in this app!

If you have already been using the app then you will glad to know that version was released today. Here is what is new…

Chord Builder (make/edit/delete custom chords)
– Unlimited chord banks (up/down to change all chord while playing)
– Velocity sensitive strings. Strum slow for lower volume
– 12-string emulation mode
– Play Out mode for on-screen strings
– Compact string mode (improved on-screen playability). iPad only
– Turn on/off background audio
– New settings panel
– Sound Tweaker (EQ/gain manipulation when playing). iPad only
– Bass Along mode (play on the chord buttons and chord pads)
– Dynamic Strum mode (change speed after starting a i.e. slow strum)
– MIDI Pad Mode (Play the chord pads with a MIDI controller). iPad only
– MIDI Play Through.
– Configurable MIDI out channel
– Stop playing strums


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