Using and iPad to Record and Broadcast Meetings at School

We are discussing the idea of using an iPad to record and broadcast Board of Education meetings at our school. I’m wondering if anyone out there is currently doing this sort of thing already. I’m very interested in how you are making this happen. It seems easy enough to broadcast using a service like High School Cube or uStream. It’d even be possible maybe to use YouTube Capture. I’m also wondering about the microphone situation. The mic on just the iPad doesn’t seem to me like it would provide enough coverage of the entire room. Does anyone know about using audio interfaces with any of the mentioned broadcasting services. Audio interfaces that would allow us to use several microphones providing greater coverage… Or maybe just one of these from Line6 would work….


Leave me a comment below if you have helpful suggestions! Thanks for your help.


3 thoughts on “Using and iPad to Record and Broadcast Meetings at School

  1. Hey Paul, I’m using Sonic Port VX and iQ5. Twice are really good products.
    Sonic Port have a great Mic and is polyvalent (record voices, instruments…), a mini studio. But it’s enough big, and it’s necessary to have a cable (mic to lightning).
    iQ5 is only a Mic with advantage to be really easy to use, no cables. But it could be dangerous for lightning port.

  2. Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad to hear from real people using that Sonic Port!

    My biggest question about either one of the microphones that you mentioned is how well they will pick up everyone in a big room. Especially when they are spread out. My iPad did an OK job the other night but I am worried that if someone starts to not speak up then we will not hear them on the recording.

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