Recording Your Ensembles and Sample Rate – Important Stuff, Pay Attention To It!

If you are like me you have probably wondered what the heck those sample rates are and what difference they make. I’ve never really given them much thought though because they have never tripped me up until this weekend. So I write this post in hopes you don’t make the same mistake I did!

We had a concert with our Brass Ensemble here on Saturday. Of course I offered to help get a good recording. I called my friend, I can call him that now because he hasn’t been my student now for 17 years, and we made plans. He grabbed microphones and I brought my MacBook and PreSonus StudioLive sound board.

PreSonus’s software and board helped everything go quickly with setup. He EQ’d the 5 microphones, put some dynamic settings on them and then he fired up Capture2 on my MacBook to record some of the dress rehearsal.

During the concert I had one of my students run the recording as it was as simple as hitting the record button right before the piece started and stopping it at the end of each piece.

All went well UNTIL I got home that night and started editing the pieces…. actually the editing wasn’t where I discovered the problem. I discovered the issue when I bounced everything down to iTunes and shared it with the director. He emailed me back asking why everything was a step lower than what it was supposed to be! Well, I jumped on FaceBook to the StudioLive group and asked what was going on. Within a few moments I had my answer….. I had recorded the concert at one sample rate and mixed them down at another!

The concert was recorded at 44 kHz and I was mixing them down at 48 kHz. Or something like that – not sure I REALLY know which is which yet because I don’t have the StudioLive board here at home to check things on. All I know is that I went in and changed the field settings back to 48kHz and boom… back in the correct key and it isn’t too slow any more!

Check out the screenshot below (by the way I never did figure out how to do this in StudioOne 2 – I know it is in there some place but I just couldn’t find it. So, I pulled the files over into LogicProX and had it fixed in moments.


Sample Rate Original


Sample Rate Fixed

Listen here…. (by the way… those two wrong notes in the trumpet? yeah… never have I heard him miss notes in rehearsal OR performances! It happens to the best of us and he is awesome!)


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