Musical Composition on iPads – Let’s Teach Those Standards!

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 7.53.19 PMMusical composition can be so much fun! Especially when you can actually manipulate sound in ways that are interesting to you! What if our students had iPads and a few music apps? What could they come up with?

I think we would be pleasantly surprised at what can be done in the palm of our kids hands! Music that would have taken a studio full of very expensive gear can now be created while on the bus ride home from school, in the cafeteria after eating a sandwich, sitting in the hallway waiting for basketball practice (although I must say that if I had this technology when I was in school, I would NEVER have made it to Basketball practice at all! I would have gotten so engrossed in the possibilities that I would have forgotten what time it was!)

This is a piece I came up with a year ago and as I was listening to it again tonight I was blown away with the endless possibilities of ways to be expressive, ways to change/mold/manipulate the sound! It’s so much fun to just sit and explore!

Created all on my iPad2. This track was a big exploration of 6 different synth apps. I simply went into an app and started messing around, picked a bunch of different sounds, tried them and when I had found something was interesting I started laying out a track into Cubasis. It was an evolution of exploration.

Any of these synth apps on their own could be the basis for creating our own musical masterpiece. The Novation Launch key app is a free app and would keep any middle or high school student busy for hours (or any of us old people too). The other apps are not free but should all be considered as exceptional apps to look at for students to purchase on their own or for the school to purchase as a part of the annual budgets allocated to music apps/classes.

I used the DAW, Cubasis small iconCubasis to record all the tracks through AudioBus.

Drum tracks were done with Alchemy Synth small iconAlchemy, bass part Distorted Guitar and pads were all from Sunrizer iconSunRizer.  Bass2 and the wobble bass sound from Thor Small iconThor PolySonic Synthesizer.  The bending synth sound from Launchkey SmallLaunchkey and then NaveNave and Animoog Small IconAnimoog were also used. 10 tracks of digital bliss!


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