TC-Helicon Releases New iPad App for Looping/Recording – VoiceJam Studio

VoiceJam ScreenYou really must be excited that today is like Christmas! TC-Helicon has released their VoiceJam Studio Small IconVoiceJam Studio and it's a pretty amazing app! I've got a few looping apps, more then a few DAW apps and several effects apps on my iPad but VoiceJam Studio is a very well designed app that takes the interface of the iPad and puts it to great use in new ways.

In short this app is for Singing, Creating, and Sharing. You sing and record yourself. Then you start adding loops on top of that and pretty soon you have an entire song, or maybe a new idea for your next song. There is a powerful looping environment from which everything is recorded alongside pro-quality effects to spruce up your vocals. The way the looper is designed is the best implementation that I've seen yet in an iPad app – very easy to understand and work.

Then after you have created your masterpiece you have the ability to upload and share that creation. In fact, there is a surprise here…. VoiceJam Studio obviously allows the sharing of the audio track as one would expect BUT the app also allows you to record a video of you putting the entire thing together and then upload THAT to YouTube! I love watching videos like this that sow me how people put their loops together into one final masterpiece and now that capability is built right into my looping app. No longer will you have to set up a separate device to record the video and then try to splice in the audio in a movie editor!

VoiceJam Studio Small IconVoiceJam Studio is currently at a 50% intro price – $9.99. Eventually it will be a $20 app and worth every penny of that price!

Here is a YouTube video to show you some of what the app can do. TC-Helicon has four or five nicely done YouTube videos that steps you through the app….



4 thoughts on “TC-Helicon Releases New iPad App for Looping/Recording – VoiceJam Studio

    1. Ahhhh… Gotcha! You were freaking me out! I caught that last night and fixed it. Then I got your comment so I jump on my laptop and it was working for me so I couldn’t figure out which link you were talking about! Lol. Thanks for telling me though!

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