Tuba and Jazz and iPads?

cover170x170I really, really, really wish I would have had access to technology like we do today back when I was in collage and High School! Of course maybe I should have just listened better to my band director from collage!

I played euphonium in the jazz band for one semester and then “felt weird” so I switched over to trombone because I didn’t think it was “acceptable” to play euphonium in the jazz band. If only I would have had access to the internet to find sweet recordings like this one to show me how limited my view of the world actually was. Or maybe it would have shown me that I should have just played music in a manner that was of utmost quality and made my own trail!

Anyways… enjoyed this album very much tonight – Ferry Tales by Øystein Baadsvik

Of course I found it through the use of following different people on Twitter tonight. Then I listened to previews on the iTunes Store then I actually listened to the entire album for free on Spotify.

What if our students could use an iPad to record themselves using a MultitrackDAW like Cubasis, effects apps like AltiSpace, and then mixing in other tracks from apps like Animoog and Sector and Auxy? What could they come up with?

What about using Notion to give them access to an entire symphony?


3 thoughts on “Tuba and Jazz and iPads?

  1. Been enjoying your blog for a while. Mr. Baadsvik is performing in Virginia next week – a concerto with the Virginia Wind Symphony (which I play in) and also a solo recital. I’m really looking forward to hearing him live.

  2. Suzanne, You are going to be in the presence of a true master musician! I was wishfully scoping out his schedule here in the states but he is not going to be close enough for me to go hear him! It would be amazing to be in your situation – performing with him! A great chance! Enjoy! Take a few pictures!

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