Apps for Getting Sheet Music Onto Your iPad.

ScannerPro Small IconScannerPro – $2.99 

DropBox Small IconDropBox – Free

Sitting in my Community Band rehearsal tonight we were sight-reading through all of our pieces for the upcoming Christmas Concert. That meant I actually had to use paper music…. gasp….! Of course there was one piece of music that there wasn’t enough copies of the music so I whipped out my iPhone and in a matter of two minutes had scanned it using Scanner Pro. By using that app I was able to most importantly take a great shot of the music that was in focus. The app says “hold still to take a photo” once you tap the button. Then it will sense when you are holding still and then quickly snap the picture. I have not had a pic that is out of focus with this app. Then I uploaded the PDF to DropBox and then opened it in ForScore. In ForScore the first thing I did was to tag and rename the PDF. All of this took about 4 minutes and I was ready to play the first note with the rest of the band.

Here is a screenshot of two pieces. One I scanned with a professional copier/scanner made by Kinolta and the other is what I did with my iPhone/iPad. The only way I can tell the difference is by looking at the file size – I have yet to find another way to get the quality AND small file size the Kinolta gives me. See if you can tell the difference….

ScannerPro Comparison


3 thoughts on “Apps for Getting Sheet Music Onto Your iPad.

  1. Make sure to use Black&white mode instead of Grayscale/Color to get the best results for sheetmusic.

    In our band almost 80% of the members are now using iPads for sheetmusic.

    We all use “PDF Expert” instead of forescore because it has some great features forescore is still missing:
    – Continues scrolling is very helpfull for multipage parts because you can see a part of the next upcomming page.
    – We use read-only webdav folders for each band part. Based on their login a band member get’s assigned to the right Part.
    – PDF Expert is able to Sync automatically to this Band-Part folder. When e new piece is added to the server all band members will receive automatically the new music on their iPad without interaction.

    Being the librarian of our townband has become far more easier!

  2. Thank you. I had just been trying to work out what apps I need to get my sheet piano music on the iPad, when I read your email.

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