Essential iPad App for Music Teachers Who Record

FinalTouch_MaximizerIf you are a music teacher then you are always recordings yourself and your students! Right? I sure hope so! Especially these days when there are a zillion nifty ways to do that so easily!

I’ve mentioned before, and I will continue to mention, that if you really want your recordings to sound the best that we mere, mortal teachers can come up with then you should hire professionals to stand in for your students – wait…. no… that’s not the idea here….

Seriously though, if you have a recording that you want to enhance then you really need to run it through a mastering app – even if you don’t have a clue as to what that means! Currently I sure hope you have all entered the contest for Igor’s apps over at the Music App Blog (If you haven’t then scroll down to my previous post and enter NOW!)


Since only a few of us can win I should let you know that Final Touch Small IconFinal Touch by Positive Grid is on a 50% sale for $9.99? Yes, it’s that good. Listen to the example below of the difference these apps can make! Every recording I make, that we don’t immediately listen to in rehearsal, gets run through either Audio Mastering or Final Touch. It’s fast and effective!


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