App Smashing For Music Teachers

So Band Directors need to wear many, many, many hats. It’s is so hard to stay organized and to communicate with everybody in a timely manner. Using iPad and iPhone really aid in this craziness! Using several apps together can also help.

It’s time to wrap up marching season here and part of that was taking pictures so we could cherish those times for ever more? How is the best way to let parents see the wonderful pictures our local photographers took of all of the sections so that they can decide if they want to order a copy? Plus how do I then communicate with the photographers how many of which section when they are not music people and don’t want to take a chance that they understand which section is which.

Bubble Frame Small IconWell I used Bubble Frame first. A nifty little app that costs $1.99 and is actually just an iPhone app but works fine on my iPad. In that app I found a layout that let me insert a copy of each section.

Blogsy Small IconThen I used Blogsy to write a post to the Band Blog so the parents could see the pictures and send money to school. Blogsy is my go to app for posting to WordPress while on my iPad.

PDF Expert5 Small IconOf course I had to use PDF Expert in the mix of daily organization. PDF Expert was used to import a roster of the students that I allowed me to keep track of who ordered a picture and what size they wanted. By the way, if you haven’t bought this app you really need to take a look at the Ultimate Productivity Bundle from Readdle has put together that has four of their apps for an amazing price!

Skitch Small IconThe final step was to annotate the picture created in Bubble Frame with directions for the photographers. The easiest way to annotate that was in Skitch. I could have used PDF Expert but it’s just so darn fast and easy to drop in text and arrows in Skitch that I always use it for simple and straight forward projects that need very clear and simple annotation.

Here is the picture I sent to the photography place. Leave a comment below of how you have used multiple apps together to help you stay organized.


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